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6/25: AOL lunch w/TechCrunch and dinner w/Ooshma Garg

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Friday was an eventful day at the SSE Labs offices (housed at AOL West Coast HQ). An awesome end to our first week!

We had a great turnout at the lunch with Brad Garlinghouse (AOL, president of consumer apps) and Mike Arrington (TechCrunch, founder/co-editor), including tons of Stanford students involved in the entrepreneurial community in the area. In addition to giving his perspective on the new era of Facebook, advice to young entrepreneurs, and finding any opportunity to grill Brad about AOL, Mike really plugged Stanford. A direct quote: “Stanford is the reason Silicon Valley is here.” He also gave us a sweet role in a “social experiment”- those in attendance will know what I mean! Maybe I’ll see you again in July?

It was a great event and we hope that this bodes an exciting partnership with AOL. Thanks again to our hosts, AOL, and everyone who came out to hear Brad and Mike talk! Be sure to stay tuned for future events with SSE Labs.

To end our busy day, later that night the teams had their weekly check-in dinner. Everyone has a lot to accomplish this summer, but we are all optimistic about the teams and excited to follow their progress through the coming months.

We were lucky enough to have Ooshma Garg as our first guest speaker at the dinner. Ooshma is both a mentor and an advisor to  SSE Labs, and had a lot to say about mentorship. Since mentorship is one of the main tenets here at SSE Labs, she is really invaluable to our program, and all of the teams had great things to say about her advice. You can learn more about her start-up, Anapata, here.

We’re ready for the rest of the summer to be as amazing as this past week has been – we’re just getting started.


Written by ahzietsman

June 26, 2010 at 8:01 pm

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