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6/30: Logistics of Starting a Company

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We had a great lecture on Wednesday, 6/30 from Jay Borenstein, a member of the CS Department at Stanford who teaches CS210 – a course that teaches project-based software design, innovation, & development. In spite of being exhausted from caring for his 1-year-old, Jay was able to talk on the “Logistics of Starting a Company,” covering a wide range of topics from maintaining company valuation to patent strategies and streamlining new company operations.

As the founder & former CEO of Integration Appliance, Jay was able to advise our teams and answer their abundant questions based on his personal experiences. Our teams learned a lot from his lecture, and we’re grateful that he took the time out to visit us at 401 Ellis st. Some highlights from the workshop include:

  • Use debt instruments as an alternative tool to raise money
  • Develop trust with your sales management earlier because later down the line with your company is big, it will be much harder to find good people
  • One of Jay’s best decisions was going to a career fair early on and being able to personally sell his company and idea to new rising talent

Written by ahzietsman

July 5, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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