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7/22: Dave McClure on Pitching to VCs, Maveron at SSE Labs

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Today was an eventful day at SSE Labs with Dave McClure in the house. Dave currently writes the 500 Hats blog, an entrepreneurship blog, and is an active angel investor in Silicon Valley. Previously, he managed FF Angel for Founders Fund, ran fbFund REV in 2009, and he is well known for startup metrics. Dave is involved in every part of Silicon Valley, having invested in over 60 companies, co-founding Startup2Startup and Finance4Founders, and serving as advisor for several startups.

We were fortunate enough to have Dave give a workshop to the teams on pitching to VCs (slides to his presentation can be found here). True to his ideology, Dave stressed articulation of the problem before explanation of the solution, and he also provided a lot of valuable insight regarding dealing with the short attention span of VCs, the kind of numbers that should be included in a pitch, and the main components that make a pitch really memorable or noticeable.

Hopefully the teams learned quickly – following his talk, Dave gave our teams the unique opportunity to meet with him individually and provided valuable feedback. Given that John Malloy referred to Dave as the best person to go to with consumer products, it was a great experience for our teams and they got a lot out of his advice.

We were also lucky to have Ben Choi and Mark Menell of Maveron in the office to provide the VC perspective. Ben’s focus on Web/mobile services, Mark’s experience with game companies, and Maveron’s overall focus on consumer-internet opportunities are all great fits for our teams and we are extremely excited for Maveron’s involvement with SSE Labs.

Thanks again to Dave, Ben, and Mark for their time and help with SSE Labs!


Written by ahzietsman

July 23, 2010 at 1:54 am

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