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8/5: Midway Evaluation at SSE Labs

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The teams have been working hard since the beginning of the summer, so it is exciting for us to be reaching the halfway point. It was great to see our mentors in the office, and also Brad Garlinghouse, Trent Herren, and Greg Castro of AOL. Thanks for stopping by!

The teams were able to demo their products and talk about their ideas one-on-one with experienced entrepreneurs. It was a valuable experience and a great time to get feedback, especially for those who are launching in the near future (Accevia, Fountainhop, etc.).

We’d like to take this chance to thank our mentors for all that they have contributed to the program. Mentorship is one of the core values of SSE Labs; without our mentors, the program would be entirely different and the teams would get significantly less value out of their summers. Our mentors are vital to the program, and we really appreciate all the time and help that they give.

Thank you for your continued support at these events – we look forward to seeing you next time!


Written by ahzietsman

August 6, 2010 at 3:18 am

Posted in Mentorship, Milestone

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