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8/11: Supreet Oberoi on Valuing Excellence

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Supreet Oberoi is currently Vice President Engineering at RTI, which provides infrastructure for real-time applications in many industries. Supreet has had experience not only at Agile Software, oneREV, and Oracle, but also at Trading Dynamics, of which he was a founding member. SSE Labs is also lucky to have him as one of our mentors in the program.

As a long-time technology executive, Supreet had a lot to offer our teams in the workshop he gave yesterday in our office on Valuing Excellence. Some key points he emphasized were:

  • Do not compromise any aspect of excellence in the interest of haste
  • Consider that excellent people join teams not for the explicit benefits but to work with other brilliant people
  • Have a plan for profit from day one

Thanks for your time, Supreet! Our teams learned a lot and we hope to see you in the office again soon.


Written by ahzietsman

August 12, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Posted in Mentorship, Workshop

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