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8/18: Filip Kaliszan and Andrew Smolik from CourseRank at SSE Labs

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Filip Kaliszan, co-founder and CEO at CourseRank, just recently graduated with a BS and MS Computer Science from Stanford University. Andrew Smolik, VP Marketing at CourseRank, and also a mentor for SSE Labs, graduated last year from Cornell University. Filip and Andrew are now just two of the five employees at CourseRank, a course-planning tool that has already been adopted or will be adopted in the coming school year by over 170 universities. It was recently (yesterday) made public that CourseRank is now a part of Chegg, the leading site for online textbook rental (TechCrunch article).

Filip and Andrew were great to have in the office. As recent college grads, it was especially appropriate for the teams to hear from them. Filip talked quite a bit about his experiences building the early versions of the site for a CS class at Stanford and CourseRank’s decision to take no funding. Andrew’s marketing experiences were extremely relevant to the teams as well, as many of them are looking to push out their products or will do so soon. Overall, Filip and Andrew emphasized not getting discouraged, keeping things simple, and utilizing the networks in Silicon Valley by talking to people without the intent of getting funding.

Thanks so much for your time CourseRank! We are excited to hear more about your progress and look forward to your continued success.


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August 19, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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