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8/19: David Lee and Ben Choi at SSE Labs

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We were fortunate to have David Lee in the office with us tonight for dinner at SSE Labs. David is an angel investor at SV Angel, which he founded with Ron Conway. SV Angel focuses on early-stage consumer media funding.

Before SV Angel, David held business development positions at StumbleUpon and Google, and was a partner at Baseline Ventures.

David’s focus on the consumer internet and mobile space was especially relevant to our teams, and he led an interesting open discussion on a wide range of topics. Based on his experiences, he stressed a few main points:

  • Have a technical founder. Successful companies almost always have at least one technical co-founder and investors will be looking for someone technical on the founding team.
  • Set long term goals for five, ten years in the future. Then set short-term goals by looking backwards from those long-term goals and figuring out how those long-term goals can be achieved, milestone by milestone.
  • If building an app (like many of our teams are), make it the must-have app on one platform. Then quickly move it to other platforms.

Ben Choi was also in the office today. Ben is a principal at Maveron, a VC firm with a consumer focus. Prior to Maveron, Ben was at Storm Ventures, RRE Ventures, and In-Q-Tel, the VC branch of the CIA, in addition to mobile and internet technology startups. We’d like to thank Ben for holding office hours tonight with the teams, and also Maveron for hosting tonight’s dinner.

Overall it was a great night at SSE Labs – thanks so much to David and Ben!


Written by ahzietsman

August 20, 2010 at 3:40 am

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