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8/25 Office Hours with Asheem Chandna from Greylock Ventures

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Asheem joined Greylock in 2003. His areas of interest span enterprise IT infrastructure, software and services. He has invested in companies in cloud computing, data center, electronic payments, networking, management, security and virtualization.  Asheem’s current company boards and investments include AppDynamics, DelphixImperva, Palo Alto Networks, TechProcess and Xsigo Systems. He was previously on the boards at CipherTrust (MCAF), NetBoost (INTC), PortAuthority Technologies (WBSN), Securent (CSCO), Sourcefire (FIRE) and also invested in Aruba Networks (ARUN).

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Asheem Chandna visited us today during our last week at 401 Ellis St to hold office hours with our teams. We welcomed his advice and thoughts on our teams, and look forward to seeing Greylock again next month.


Written by ahzietsman

August 26, 2010 at 12:56 am

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