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2/17 – SSE Labs Session 1 Demo Day

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Thank you to everyone who attended the SSE Labs Session 1 Demo Day! The event was a huge success and the turnout was incredible. Everyone, including theentire SSE Labs team, was tremendously impressed by the progress of all the session 1 businesses: Incompass, ClearEar, Tezzit, Bell Biosystems, FreshCookies, 6Dot, and Kitchit. Their hard work duringsession 1 was evident through their presentations and their innovative startups excited fellow founders, as well as the many VCs in the audience.

Brief descriptions of the talented session 1 teams that demoed and pitched their companies at Demo Day:

6dot Innovations — Developing a new portable, easy-to-use braille labeling device based on unique labeling technology. Team: Karina Pikhart, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering; Trevor Shannon, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Adelaide Calbry-Muzyka, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Bell Biosystems — Applying a revolutionary cell imaging, homing, and selective destruction

technology to tools in the next generation of drug delivery.

Team: Caleb Bell, Ph.D. Chemistry; Dan Bell, B.S. Business Administration

ClearEar — Removing medically challenging earwax buildups more safely and quickly using a new patent-pending medical device.Team: Lily Truong, M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Vandana Jain, MBA

FreshCookies — Allowing mobile device users to win aggregated ad money through an interactive game.Team: James Thompson, Ph.D. Product Design; Matthew Crowley, B.S. Product Design; Jonathan Tilley, B.S. Computer Science

Kitchit — Bridging private chefs and event planners to create personal, in-home fine dining experiences.
Team: Brendan Marshall, MBA; Ian Ferguson, MBA; George Tang, B.S. Computer Science

Incompass — Using mobile device crowdsourcing to provide indoor navigation with high accuracy and no setup costs to retailers, advertisers, and consumers.

Team: Jessica Tsoong, M.S. Civil Engineering; M.S. Computer Science; Anand Atreya, PhD Electrical Engineering; Joseph Huang, M.S. Computer Science; David Millman, M.S. Computer Science

Tezzit — Allowing online retailers to dynamically optimize item prices to maximize profit.Team: Marty Hu, B.S. Computer Science; Kevin Liu, B.S. Economics; Steven Wu, B.S. Computer Science

Again, we would like to congratulate all of our startups for their development and growth this session. The pitches were especially powerful and stimulating and each team did a great job in garnering audience excitement for their ventures.

Special thanks to all of our mentors for providing each startup with detailed advice and expert guidance throughout session 1. Also, thanks to both the event and program sponsors for their continued generosity and support.


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February 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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