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2/5 Application Results

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After weeks of reviewing companies for session 2, we are extremely pleased to congratulate Qwhispr, Juntos Fianzas, Legalytics, SongSpring, and GameClosure on their acceptance into SSE Labs! 65 Stanford teams applied and the throughout the review process, the quality of all the applicants astounded our team as well as the expert judges. This has been our most competitive application round yet and we are excited to begin working with the incoming companies, giving them community, mentorship, education, and resources so that they can turn their creative solutions into successful ventures.

We would like to extend special thanks to our expert judges for helping us in the selection process: Christine Herron (Intel Capital), Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures), George Zachary (Charles River Ventures), and Alex Kinnier (Khosla Ventures).

The innovative companies selected for session 2:

Juntos Finanzas creates innovative SMS-based personal finance tools that empower first-generation Latino communities.

Qwhispr is a search engine to find information from the right people in your Facebook and Twitter networks. It allows you to find relevant answers from outside of your immediate circle of friends, yet avoid posting publicly to everybody.

SongSpring offers users a vast and highly available selection of music that they will be able to stream from the cloud. The service will use a consumption-based model, in which users are only charged for what they actually listen to, ultimately lowering the barrier of entry for users to have access to an extensive and personal music collection.

Leglytics is the next generation of legal research platform. The main product is a visual exploratory interface for searching, navigating and displaying documents for the legal services industry.

Game Closure offers the first practical HTML5 gaming platform. Developers need only write their games once: we automatically package games for the iPhone, Android, and Facebook, allowing end-users to play each other seamlessly across platforms.

We are very excited to bring these new teams into our community and cannot wait to see how they progress through session 2!


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February 20, 2011 at 11:12 pm

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