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2/24 – SSE Labs is Recruiting Staff for the Summer and Next Year!

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SSE Labs Staff Positions:

SSE Labs is an ambitious start-up that aims to be the most successful start-up accelerator in the world; we are looking for talented individuals to join the SSE Labs staff who are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to be part of a rapidly developing organization. As part of the staff, you will have the opportunity to:

1. Form strong relationships with our extensive network of top executives and investors from the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and across the nation
2. Work intimately with the most elite and promising Stanford entrepreneurs, helping to provide them with education, community, resources and mentorship.
3. Train with experienced Staff members and mentors to develop skills and technical abilities
4. Gain hands-on startup experience as a staff member coordinating SSE Labs, as well as working with numerous start-ups in their exciting business ventures
5. Special access to all SSE Labs expert workshops and exclusive events

We will be holding an informational session for potential Staff members in Old Union 200 on Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:30pm. Applications are due by 5:00pm on Saturday, March 5th. Go to to apply for all staff positions.

The following available positions begin in Spring 2011 and the continue through the 2011-2012 Academic Year:

HR Director – Develop the HR structure of a rapidly growing program with the help of our advisors

Marketing Director – Design and implement a marketing campaign to reach out to our top-tier network in Silicon Valley. Manage our social media, digital presence, and communicate regularly with our top-tier network.

Technology Director – build on top of an existing the website, , and learn how to maintain & improve our internal systems.

Mentorship Director – Interface with the high quality mentors in our network and help them connect with the passionate entrepreneurs in our program.

Community Director – Help coordinate the different members of our community by planning/scheduling events and working with our companies.

Business Development – Help our budding companies find the right deals to lock down the resources they need to succeed. Learn the art of networking and negotiating deals by working with members of our high quality network.

Associate – develop valuable the skills and learn how to execute in a startup environment. Learn about business and entrepreneurship alongside the companies in our program.

Summer paid positions are also available:

Sr. Managing Director (full-time) – Oversee all aspects of the program

Managing Director, Internal (full-time) – manage and lead internal affairs, including HR, campus relations, and staff development.

Marketing Director – see above.

Community Director – see above.

For full descriptions and to apply, please visit


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