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Game Closure and SSE Labs Recently Featured in Tech Crunch Article: Game Closure Makes it a Breeze to Build Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Games

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After a great pitch at Demo Day, recently admitted SSE Labs start-up Game Closure, was featured in a raving Tech Crunch article by Rip Empson just after receiving 1200 new developers signups for their private beta. Game Closure is the project of Michael Carter, Martin Hunt, and Tom Fairfield, all of whom have extensive experience with game development.

“Enter Game Closure. Launching today at SSE Labs’ Demo Day at AOL, Game Closure is a smart new game development environment and SDK that makes it easy to create, host, and deploy HTML5-based cross-platform, multiplayer games, starting with iOS, Android, and Facebook.

Traditionally, game players are accustomed to experiencing platform lock-in when playing games. You have the games you play on Android, the games you play on your desktop, and your iPad. The same is true for developers: when writing games, they are generally required to create separate versions for each platform using fundamentally different technology. What’s so cool about Game Closure is that it allows players to seamlessly transfer live, running games to virtually any device and provides developers with all the tools to make cross-platform distribution fast and easy.”

Check out the article in full detail here and continue to follow the SSE Labs Blog for more updates about all of our great Session II start-ups!

Also, be sure to follow the Game Closure Blog for more exciting updates on their progress.


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February 24, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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