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5/16 – Biz. Development in Enterprise Sales Workshop with Professor Kirk Bowman, Stanford Business School

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Kirk Bowman is a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he teaches a course in sales organization. He also serves on the boards of five private companies, including Coverity (software integrity), PanoLogic (desktop virtualization), Zetta (cloud storage), Nimble Storage (next generation storage technology), and Librato (cloud and application management). Kirk also advises several other private companies in sales strategy.

Kirk’s most recent operational experience was as sales executive at Equallogic, a storage system company, which was acquired by Dell, Inc. in early 2008. In the 20 years prior to Equallogic, Kirk held executive sales and general management positions at VMware, Inktomi, Model N, Object Design, and Parametric Technology Corporation. This diverse background has allowed Kirk to develop extensive industry experience with multiple technologies and associated sales strategies, including: enterprise software, embedded database software, enterprise search software, internet search, storage systems, internet infrastructure, and virtualization software.

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Professor Kirk Bowman of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business visited us today to advise our companies in a biz. development in enterprise sales workshop.  Kirk’s expansive experience in sales and business development was evident in the useful advice he gave to our ambitious entrepreneurs.  We appreciate Kirk’s time, and look forward to seeing him again in the future.  Below are some of the highlights of the workshop:

1. The first step of the enterprise sales process is understanding what your market is, what companies you need to target, and who specifically within the company you need to target.

2. There is no typical sales cycle, but ideally the initial transaction should be as low as possible and the product as viral as possible, with a low cost initial deal that allows them to come back and expand upon the deal. Make it easy for the enterprises to see/test/buy your product.

3. Entrepreneurs need to have the mindset that their products won’t merely be an add-on to an existing product – they must have the ambition in creating their company as a sustainable, independent corporation.


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