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5/25 Company Culture Workshop with Supreet Oberoi, VP of Engineering at Real-Time Innovations

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“Supreet Oberoi brings extensive design and product engineering skills in developing Enterprise

systems and software. Before joining RTI, Supreet was responsible for the development of Agile Software’s strategic product line, while also managing platinum accounts. Supreet started his career at Microsoft Corporation in the Multimedia System groups. At Oracle Corporation, he held various technical and line-management positions over a seven-year period developing web-based Enterprise applications for the CRM and Server Technology divisions. Supreet was also a founding member and director of Engineering for Trading Dynamics, which was acquired by Ariba for $740 million. He has patents in customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management and product lifecycle management (PLM).” (RTI Speaker Biographies Webpage)

Supreet Oberoi visited us today to give a Company Culture Workshop.  Supreet gave an amazing workshop, as he spoke to our entrepreneurs about developing a company’s vision and values.  Supreet spoke of how vision encompasses such questions as what an organization looks like, how big is it, what they are famous for, how do people who work at the company feel about their jobs, and several other questions.  Additionally, Supreet spoke of creating a correct vision requiring introspection, defining values, and identifying a mission of higher good.  We thank Supreet for his time and helping our companies answer such important questions.



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May 25, 2011 at 1:10 am

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